5-Time VIP Guest: Catherine

Celebrity Status
Taiwan Style

Repeat visits come with perks

Congratulations to Cat, who has been our guest a whopping FIVE times since we’ve lived here. As our inaugural 5-timer, she has earned her very own, custom, one-of-a-kind, golden embroidered 5-TIMERS CLUB VIP kimono jacket.

Other 5-timer perks include: a golden key to our flat, full use of our bidet, and this feature on the P&P blog machine. Membership has its privileges.

Her husband Matt (currently in second place) had this to say, and perhaps with a tinge of envy,

“Damnnnnnn… went to Taiwan a woman, came back a celebrity!”

Along with Cat’s visit, we enjoyed the fabulous company of Allison (also visiting from PDX on a Nike business trip). She’s working hard on her VIP status with Michelle and Alex who live 13 floors above us.

Pickles, PF, Cat, Michelle, Alex and Allison out for dinner at BB2 (locally known as 阿奇海鮮, Archie Seafood).

We’re all a bit Taiwanese at heart because we dressed same-same without even trying it! It’s something that just happens over here.

To all our readers, come and visit – we will treat you well!


With love from the Sweet Potato HQ,

Pickles & Passionfruit


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3 thoughts on “5-Time VIP Guest: Catherine

    1. She’s been acting like she owns the place ever since she returned from her 5th visit! Though I suppose she does pay the mortgage 🙂
      Could the fame be getting to her, hmmm?

  1. I just re-read this post. So many happy memories!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    There are many sad things about the worldwide pandemic, and one of those is that I have not been able to make my 6th visit yet. You guys are the best and I miss you lots!!

    <3 Cat

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