P&P Fav Recipes

These are ALL THE FAVS in heavy rotation from Portland to Taiwan. Enjoy and please share your favs down in comments.

Mama Lil’s Pickled Peppers (a favorite from Portland that we can’t buy here)
We fell in love with these as a topper on Double Mountain’s Jersey pizza pie. These are a PDX delicacy, but Pickles found the recipe online and has been whipping up jars regularly. We love to add them to our own homemade sourdough pizzas and toast with goat cheese. Tangy, spicy, yum. Here’s Mama’s website.

Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup by Jo Cooks
Pickles bought an Instant Pot while we’ve been living in Taiwan. This is the recipe that converted me to an IP Fan! He made it for me when I was really sick and I swear this cured me. It also helped heart ache after my dad died. This is true bone broth style chicken noodle so it’s very nutritional. Get the whole chicken or pieces on bone because IP will do it justice.

Instant Pot Yogurt by Amy + Jacky
Pickles was the one to start our homemade yogurt making – inspired by the IP. I’ve made a couple batches myself now and am surprised how easy it is. I even found a decent artisanal local milk. The better the milk, the better the yogurt. You do not need an IP or any fancy equipment to make yogurt by the way so give it a try!

No Knead Sourdough Bread by Breadtopia
This is the recipe that I was able to produce gorgeous, tasty and delightfully chewy loaves from… after I realized that measuring and weighing ingredients is important. I use a wild starter, 1/2 Bob’s 100% whole wheat, 1/2 Bob’s Unbleached Artisan white and Himalayan sea salt. I use a Lodge Skillet with lid to cook the bread in for half the time (then remove lid for other half) – this is how you get that nice crusty exterior style that costs a small fortune in any decent bakery. This website has wonderful videos for anyone learning to make bread.

No Fuss Sourdough Pizza Dough by Patrick Ryan
Love this guy! My dough didn’t behave quite like his, but it turned out delicious. I experiment with fridge fermentation times which effects the sourdough flavor. What I most love is the dough keeps in the fridge for a week so you can make it all at once and save some for later in the week. It’s a fun and easy dinner. TIP: We pre-heat a heavy iron skillet, cook pizza in the oven (like Patrick does), but then we transfer skillet to gas stove top for about 5-7 minutes to crisp the pizza’s bottom. If we had a grill we’d use that.

Indian Kichadi passed along from a friend so I have no idea who to credit – sorry!
This has been in full rotation for years! It’s an East Indian Recipe to promote a healthy and balanced digestive system. I like to make this after I’ve been traveling a lot and not eating so well. It’s also a great dish to have around for a couple days as you can vary the toppers to keep it interesting. This is my go-to DIY “whole bowl” meal.

Seared Tofu Banh Mi Sandwhiches by Love and Lemons
Vietnamese food is hard to find in Taiwan so we decided to DIY because we can get all these ingredients and I bet you can too! Often I just make the marinaded tofu and that alone is a wonderful protein snack to have around for nibbles.

Homemade Ginger Beer by the Roasted Root
Another item that is impossible to find in Taiwan, but ginger is not so guess what… DIY! So easy and so delicious. We like it on the dry side so we let it ferment on the long side. What do we do with this? Two words fine friends… Kentucky Mules.

Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles by Self Proclaimed Foodie
(feature photo is the result of this recipe) Cucumbers are plentiful in Taiwan and dill pickles are not. It makes zero sense so I took matter in to my own hands. THIS RECIPE IS LEGIT! Some may call this the lazy person canning method because it doesn’t require all that fancy boiling of the jars. This is the smart person way because it’s fast, easy and delish. It even tastes great with dried dill. Damn are the pickles pickled just right! MAKE THESE. You will wow yourself.

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