Cycling Taiwan’s Highest Road

Taiwan High

Wuling is located on the peak of the highest road in Taiwan.  The road from Puli to Wuling is 50 km (31 miles), a challenging and popular climb for cyclists.

Ice, who is one of the awesome Nike Drivers, told me about an organized supported ride from Puli to Wuling which he signed up for.  By the time I decided to join, the trip was sold out.  Instead, I recruited Mike Hofmann and Michael Joubert (MJ) to join me in a DIY trip on the same day. We would drive to Qingjing farm (between Puli and Wuling) and bike to the highest point and then ride back down, unsupported.

Perfect day for a ride
MJ making the climb look easy
Mike pedaling it out with me close behind.
Selfie at the top of the road
We ran it to Ice at the top! He started at 5 am and climbed 50 km from Puli. As opposed to our 25km ride from QingJing.
The marker at the top: 3,275 meters (10,744 feet)
View from the top
All three of us made it to the top of the mountain.

In total we climbed up 1,581 m in about 25 km (5,187 feet), and then bombed down that same 25 km in just over 4.5 hours.

2011 Flashback
As a side note, I first did this ride eight years with Jimmy, Brad, Bruce, Hung, and Cat. I didn’t live in Taiwan yet, but was on a business trip working with a Nike factory partner called Feng Tay (who I work with today).



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3 thoughts on “Cycling Taiwan’s Highest Road

  1. Wow, what lovely day for a wee bike ride up 10,000 plus feet! Is that a sail on the back of the guy in blue for sailing down? Nice to see your Nike buddies too! Take care! KTG

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