Guest: Kirvan (the one & only)

Nitro & glycerin

That’s what Pickles calls the two of us. Kirvan and I have some some history… and it’s all good! She’s a bestie from PDX, who came to Taiwan for work  (she and Pickles both work for the Swoosh). I like to think she came for us and then had some work to do.

Pampering kick-off!

I darted up to Taipei on the high speed rail and met Kirvan at her aunt’s salon… and since I was a little early I got a foot massage around the corner.

Foot massages are the new wine

The foot massages here are good, therapeutic and cheap. And one must catch up on the news… and this is real news people!

Yesterday Delete, the salon

I know a few yesterdays I would like to delete.

This place had the best hair wash and massage to date. No salons in the USA can compete with how they do it here, not even the fancy pants ones.

Not only are the chairs and head rests superior you get a legit head and neck massage (plus blanket) plus the most thorough hair washing you’ve ever experienced. It’s serious business and the salons take great pride in it.

Hair washing is a thing.

You can walk in to any salon with your own shampoo (or use theirs) and just ask for a wash/massage for $1.00-3.00 USD. Men go just as much as women.

Who got the Executive Order hairdo?

Raohe Night Market, Taipei

Kirvan’s aunt took us to this night market because Kirvan needed to eat stinky tofu asap. Hey, we all crave certain foods now and again. I personally like the stinky tofu, but I had not tried this particular style yet.

Songshan Ciyou Temple (Sea Goddess Temple) next to entrance of Night Market
OK, eyes closed but still cute
Stinky Tofu Soup

Affirmations are important


Guys, this is what we do when you’re not around. Masks are kinda a thing here too – available at all convenience stores, like 7-11, which there are 5,000 of the island. Did you know this wee island fits inside the state of Oregon too. Fact.

Philly Love in Taipei

Hey, we’re both from PA (and now west coasters for life)!

LOVE sculpture in front of Taipei 101, the tallest building on the island.

This is how Nitroglycerin is made…

Where was Scott?

He and some Swooshers climbed Hehuan Shan, a 3,416 meter high mountain in Central Taiwan. This place is one of my favorite places on the island. Here’s our blog post from last year.

Urban White Water Rafting?

Back in Taichung there were torrential downpours a.k.a the Plum Rains. Taiwan does get a lot of plums.

The next day… what is normally looks like (sans mud).

OK, one more thing Taiwan does really, really well aside from foot massages and hair care is nails. Kirvan got the bullet-proof edition à la chrome. Sparkle Nails never disappoints.

Me, Patty and Kirvan @ Matches for HH
Breakfast at our local greasy diner

Hào chī = good to eat. Now say it with me: “How chir!”

Scott got his commute buddy back albeit via car verses bike

I said my goodbyes and they zoomed off. I sure do miss this woman! Xiexie for gracing us with your sassy self, Kirvan! Likely to see you back in PDX next for some nitroglycerin-ing and more of me impressing you with my Mandarin. Admit it, I’m 不错.


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