Craft Beer 2017 Update

– by Pickles

It has been a good summer for craft beer in Taichung!

We’ve been here a year and half and the beer scene has exploded! One year ago I wrote this post about the beer scene.

About a year ago ZhangMen Brewery opened in Taichung, since then a hand full of new taprooms have opened up.  This summer my favorite Taiwan brewery, Taihu, opened up in Taichung.  Better yet, (but more dangerously) it opened up just a short walk from our apartment.  The had  a had a soft opening of their Taichung taproom in the middle of June and had an opening celebration on June 24th.

Taihu, Mr. Wuller, ZhangMen & Three Giants are all in Taichung!

Taihu was only started a year and a half ago, but they are becoming the premier craft brewer and defaco craft beer distributor of Taiwan.

Taihu’s Opening Party
Taihu means Taiwan Tiger in Mandarin, hence the Tiger emerging from the hops in the logo.
Taihu closed its other 3 tap rooms in Taipei so all the employees could attend the opening party.
Sarah approves of the branding and is considering making the tattoo permanent. FYI…The American Flags are not part of their branding but for an American themed knick knack shop next door
This is during the soft opening. I’m trying to claim this seat as mine.

In addition to the taproom they started canning. Beautiful designs, an ode to 4 cities; Taipei, Taichung, Taitung & Tainan. Photo credit ©Taihu
Other beer related news

Our Brewer friend Ray opened up his second bottle shop and Tap room in central Taichung.  Ray sells home brewing supplies and equipment and we met him through Kevin and the Taichung Home Brewing Club.

Ray in his new shop Nine Pools – as in 9 pull taps.
Hanging at Rays

We also stumbled upon a new tap room and sake bar on Gongyi Street named “Sometimes” (also dangerously close to us). The owner has great taste in both local Taiwanese and Japanese sake.

Beer …
… and Sake! Served in wooden boxes the way it should be.
Off the Alley

Just off the park blocks this little bungalow is open on the weekends and has beer on tap from local brewers “Three Giants”.

Grant from South Africa opened up this little open air “island” bar
Zhangmen Taproom

A session IPA single hop tasting. Boom!

If the tap rooms were not enough, this year 7-11 imported a good IPA.  I could literally find a good craft beer on almost every other corner in Taiwan.

Hopbot – Programmed with 5 delicious hops – available at 7-11 all over Taiwan.
It has been a great summer for beer – not so great for livers.

Gan bei! — that’s cheers in Mandarin which literally translate to “dry your cup”


Pickles & Passionfruit

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2 thoughts on “Craft Beer 2017 Update

  1. It looks like you are keeping busy and not letting thirst get to you. I used the words Gan bai just today:) Love your blogs!

    1. One can’t tell from this post, but we actually don’t drink that much here. It’s too hot! Trying to keep up on water hydration alone is a full time task. Glad to know your Mandarin is in full swing. Gan bei! Zai jian! XO!

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