Alishan & Cat Town

Disk Pop ‘n Chillaxing

This was supposed to be a long weekend biking Taiwan’s east coast but someone popped a vertebral disk, specifically between L3 and L4 in the lumbar zone and got docs orders to stay off the bike. Stay tuned for how that turns out! On the bright side, the island got dumped on with heavy rains so biking would have been miserable. Instead we headed south to Alishan, a popular National Park that we knew would be blissfully quiet (and cool) during the rains.

We’re from Portland. We do rain!

Alishan is Forest Bathing 101

3 generations of trees growing out of one another. Geesh, talk about co-dependency

In 1912 the Japanese built the Alishan Forest Railway, a very narrow-gauge train originally built for logging the giant cedars. Now it shuffles tourist throughout the park

Dreamy quiet hiking

Trashbag raincoats are hot, literally

Respite from the downpour

We spent the night at Aliscenery B&B, surrounded by tea fields, barely visible in the mist. It was quiet and fabulous!

The town of Chiayi
I love this photo for the fresh handmade noodles (left) drying on the rack , the ramshackle “house” filled to the brim with stuff and the biker with umbrella.
Chiayi Park’s Jeffersonian-ish brick walls

Paper cut village + Peanuts

A “village” that is decorated with Chinese paper-cutting style murals

Peanut plants!

Finally, the cats!

Dingxi Colorful Cat Village in Yunlin. Please, do not confuse this with Taiwan’s Houtong Cat Village (that’s way up North). I dedicate this post to Cat and Matt (our cat loving guests, who promise to return a third time just for stuff like this).

The artists are students from National Formosa University. Bravo!

Definitely a contender for the LinkedIn shot…

Stuff of dreams… only here in Taiwan. And it’s purrfectly normal.

Yours truly, the Taiwan thrill seekers,


Pickles & Passionfruit

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3 thoughts on “Alishan & Cat Town

  1. I’’m gonna say it… those photos are purrrrfect. May I please order a poster size “Pickles has Tea with Mr. fluffy Pants”.

    1. Xiexie! We think so too. We’re processing your order and will throw in complimentary lamination since you’re one of our most loyal fans.

  2. Thomas was very thrilled to see the cat village– he had no idea! How bout those brick walls! Groovy take on TJ. I like the big misty trees and rainy tea house stopping spot…..and those hanging up noodles.

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