Mèimei & Gēge-in-Law

Sister Weekend

A weekend jaunt to Shekou, China to see the Mèimei (young sister) and Gēge (brother)-in-law!

Happy hour upon arrival. Gan Bei!

Meimei lives in Shekou, China, which is a short 30 minute ferry ride from the Hong Kong airport which is where we flew to. After many years of living in different time zones, it’s a special treat to be able to see her for a weekend. And it looks like that trend will continue since they just secured new teaching jobs on Jeju Island in South Korea. Jeju’s been on our “gotta see” list so we’re stoked to have tour guides come fall.

Waterfront Strolling

This trip was all about relaxing and hanging out with fam. We’ve all lived in Asia long enough that we don’t feel the need to sight see at every moment. We spent Saturday walking along the waterfront and parks. It stretches 12 miles long! Boy of boy did we see some treats…

Right out their front door is a a beautiful 12 mile walkway along the waterfront.

No eyelashes batted

This is one of the reasons I love the culture here. This (watch video) is not unusual behavior. No one bats an eyelash or judges. If you feel the need to dance, you dance, baby! As we enjoyed our breakfast bagels we watched her repeatedly move in her own beautiful space and to her own jams (speaker in hand). Yes, “that’s so beautiful”.

Fish toss for good luck

A beautiful (Buddhist) ritual
Dudes and a Drone
Pickles & Gege show the kids how to fly a drone

Bikes everywhere

Police bikes
Public share bikes
Genius flat- and air free tires

Oranges = Abundance & Happiness

Everyone is preparing for Chinese New Year now which begins on February 16. It’s also called Spring Festival (spring arrives a bit earlier here). One popular decoration is the orange or kumquat plant. The orange looks like the sun and is aligned with the yang (positive) principle. It’s a a highly auspicious symbol of abundance and happiness.

The flower market 
My sister, the animal whisperer
The pet market. 🙁 Adopt! Don’t shop!
Love the positive message!
Lost in translation, but we get the idea
A delicious street food called Jianbing (savory crepe)

Homey Smor Cart Breakfast

Some of you may recall that my sis ran the hippest food truck in Montana, Smor Cart several years ago. She’s a natural in the kitchen.
And gege Joe is a natural with the aquarium stuff… could watch this tank for hours
Kicking back in the balcony onsen

V&A Museum

Newly opened is the V&A (Victorian & Albert museum) along the waterfront. It began a partnership with China Merchants Group to help them in their ambition to establish the first major museum in China devoted to design.  It’s the first time the V&A has developed such an international collaboration.

Designed by Japanese architecture studio Maki & Associates. It reminded me of the ICA in Boston.
A friendly reminder
Sisters. Always coordinated.

We hope to see these two cuties… Ms. Mèimei and Mr. Gēge either in Montana or Jeju Island next!



 Jiĕjie… the elder sister & Pickles

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  1. I love your all your blogs and this one was particularly wonderful with Tat and Joe. Plus…. very informative too! The V & A in China? Fish buying Buddhists? Who knew? I bet I’m the only one in Sadsbury Township, PA! ♥️🎪❤️🦋 Much love to all xxx!

  2. The next one million visits to the page will be from me! That is, until you take me to Tazmania! Love you JJ.

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