Guest: Mark from Shanghai

24 hours in Taichung

Our buddy Mark, from PDX (currently living in Shanghai), was in Taipei, Taiwan for work so of course we lured him down to Taichung for 24 hours.

The hook? BASEBALL!

Mark is not only a baseball aficionado, he also plays softball and baseball. Problem is, he had never seen a game in Taiwan. Actually, this was his first Asian baseball game. Now that we’ve been to one game we consider ourselves die-hard Brothers super fans so we showed off our hometown team.

The adorable cheerleaders, “The Sisters”

Live music


We walked around the exterior of the ballpark and discovered these beautifully illustrated and designed posters. Sadly, not available for purchase anywhere so we did our own photoshoot.

Final score: Brothers 1, Monkeys 14.

Cheers to fandom.

Brothers fans for life,


Pickles & Passionfruit

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