Cousin Kevin

Two Berggrens in Taichung!

I finally meet cousin Kevin on Pickles’ side of the family – it only took 10+ years! We found out a week before he showed up that Kevin was coming to Asia for work, not just Asia, but Taiwan, and not just Taiwan but Taichung and staying within 15 minutes of us. That’s a small world.

All the way from Michigan

Kevin had business here with Carbon Express (they make bad ass arrows and cross bows). Luckily he had some time outside of work to play with us so we stuffed him with sushi, dumplings, local Taihu brews, ate foods on sticks at Feng Chia Night Market, got sweaty hiking the quintessential mountainous region of Dakeng followed by foot massages to relieve our burning calves.

Three hours of calf burning steps!
Inevitably there’s a tea party on the mountain top and inevitably you will be invited to join.
Real men get foot massages in Taiwan.

We hope you land another business trip over here, Kevin!


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