Guests: Tatiana & Joe

After 10 years mèimei and jiějiě live in the same time zone!

Mèimei. That’s Tatiana’s new nickname. It means younger sister in Mandarin. I’m jiějiě, older sister.

Tatiana and Joe arrive in some sort of magical weather bubble, avoiding two typhoons blowing around the island. September 15 is Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Full Moon Festival), a National holiday in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It’s held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is fullest.

We obviously have an awesome time. It’s how sisters roll. Is it shocking that we had same-same outfits on when we met up in the airport?


Not really. This is what happened when I surprised visited her in 2014.


New family traditions

It’s a Full Moon Festival tradition to wear the peel of the pomelo fruit, which is called youzi in Mandarin. We expanded upon the tradition and added the “fruit moon” in the sky.

Pomelo season is in full swing this time of year and along with mooncakes, it’s a common gift to bring to gatherings. A healthier gift too! A 5 ounce mooncake stuffed with a salted egg yolk and lotus seed filling can pack 500 calories! It’s a symbol of family reunion, and the cake is traditionally cut into pieces that equal the number of people in the family. I didn’t know that and ate the whole thing. Whoops!

The word youzi is similar to another word which carries connotations of talismanic protection, very much in keeping with the aspirations of family unity that are integral to the festival. Families get together and barbecue on the street and enjoy moon gazing together.

How appropo to see family!





A calf busting, crotch sweating hike in Daken.
This is the #1 trail (there are 10 total).




Electrolyte loss delirium




Family portrait time
Taiwan… highest corgis per capita (don’t fact-check it, just come and snuggle for yourself)
The guy (below) throws wooden tops in the air and they land on this tray. It’s a thing here and it’s pretty amazing to watch.
This very sprite and sporty eldery man had all sorts of park tricks! And so did we…



Harrits Donuts

Japanese donuts that fill your soul with happy. This is a mandatory stop for all our guests.



A few rounds of Cards against Humanities proves that we know each other, very well. Tat really rocks the Care Bear stare too.


Strolling the alleys is always a fun pastime. Taiwan is the safest place I have ever lived. One never feels the need to watch their back or belongings. We have never locked our bikes up either. Taiwan is a “WE” culture… not an “I” culture. In my opinion, this is the biggest difference between here and USA.


I love my mèimei!


We can’t wait to see you again! There are so many places to see together while we all live in Asia. XOXO!


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