Busan, South Korea

The Best of Bu’!

We finally got ourselves up to South Korea to see our good buds, Jessica and Scott. These two, like us, are from Portland and have been living overseas for Scott’s work assignment (our Scott’s work together, but in different countries). They’ve been in Busan for almost four years and are heading home to Portland later this year which got us motivated to get over to see them. And wow, did they give us The Best of Bu’ Tour.

Beach tunes got us jiggy on the beachy
Bu’ Oberservations

Access to beach, coastline and mountains is phenom and so easy!

The beach is called beachy.

Weather = AMAZING. Great place to escape Taiwan’s oppressive humidity which hovers between 90-100% about now.

Compared to Taichung, practically zero scooters on the roads (likely due to the colder winter climate).

Modern, chic, tall and shiny skyscrapers! Denser than Taiwan.

Delicious foods (no surprise).

Popular alcohol drinks: Makgeolli (milky, slightly sweet 5-8% abv) & Soju (clear, colorless 16.8% to 53% abv).

Urban jimjilbang a.ka. spas, right in the city! A jjimjilbang is a large, gender-segregated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas and massage tables.

The view from their apartment, floor 51
Haeundae beach view, the most popular beach in Busan
Skyscraper dizziness
Haeundae beach sand sculpture fest
Personal fav
Public Foot Spa (free)

Dongbaek Park, a stroll from their home

Seaside buddhist Haedong Yonggung Temple, built in 1376

Ox + Tiger = Love

Girlfriend Time = Happy

Jess and I have been friends for over  7 years. She’s one of my earliest Portland friends, my zen Jujubean. She’s a calm, supportive loving being who not only inspired me to practice meditation, she taught me how. She also has the largest tea collection I’ve ever seen. Ok, let’s call it what it is… it’s a tea closet.

The PDX gang reunited!

These figurines represent the initiation of young boys entering the Buddhist priesthood. Their heads are shaved and they spend 14 days at the temple to learn about Buddhism.


Nestled in the city, an hour north is Hurgsiru, a small village-ey place that serves duck inside a pumpkin in tiny mud rooms.

I’m holding the Makgeolli
Did I mention tiny?

The Bamboo Wife

This gives you an idea just how humid Asia can be. We learned about a thing called Bamboo Wife and I’d like one, please! Basically, in the summer heat, the open bamboo structure (shown below) is cooler to the touch than fabric pillows or sheets so the “bamboo wife” is embraced by the user, as one would a sleeping companion—this position exposes the maximum amount of the body to cooling breezes.

Oryukdo Skywalk & Coastal Hike
Complimentary shoe covers for walking on glass. Photo by Scott H.
Gorgeous hike south of Busan, looking back at the city
Hiking steps is a thing in South Korea too!
Loungey gimbab lunch on the rocks. Photo by Scott H.
The city is sprinkled with petunias

Korean BBQ = Delish

This is by far the best Korean BBQ we’ve had. Very thin slices of meat and the most delicious and fresh greens to wrap the meat in… including a new fav, sesame leaves!

There may have been some soju at the table…
These lovebirds!

Divide, Ride, Pamper

The Scotters got out the fat tires and hit the trails while Jess and I enjoyed tea and soaked at a jimjilbang (spa).

Pickles got worked real good!

Just ridiculousness.

Bibibidang Teahouse – 비비비당
Perched high with views of the ocean, we sat here and sipped tea

Japan and Korea have the hot spring thang perfected!


My Korean scrubber paws

Sorry, no pics of our jimjilbang/onsen/spa outting, but I can tell you the location: Benikea Hotel Haeundae – 베니키아호텔해운대 ($5.00 USD). Very similar to a Japanese bath house with the addition of more scrubbing and exfoliation accoutrements.

Sunset view, floor 51

It was peachy fun to see these two and explore a slice of their overseas life. Oh, what an adventure we’re all on. It truly was the Best of Bu’. Gomabseubnida!

Hearts full,


Pickles & Passionfruit

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