Expat Holiday: Cinco de mayo


Our two favorite Expat holidays revolve around food: Thanksgiving and Cinco de mayo. As much as we love the local cuisine, we miss good Mexican food and after you live away from good Mexican food the bar is pretty low to satisfy. Cinco gives us a great reason to get together and enjoy a Mexican pot luck party.

Homemade corn tortillas
Scott and Petra making fresh tortillas – thanks to JPow for sending the masa (a hard to find ingredient here)
The Margarita Master: Ms. Passionfruit
This was the only Margarita that Sarah did not make. Way to steal the limelight Mike!
A delicious Mexican Rainbow

Matt received an belated birthday present!

This was the 4th annual Cinco party – a tradition that will be carried on as least as long as we live here. Olé!


Pickles & Passionfruit

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