Rainbow Village

One way to save your home from demolition… get out your paintbrush and make art! 

2016-02-08 13.34.46

The man behind this colorful place is Huang Yung-Fu, born in 1924 and still resides here.

2016-02-08 13.27.27

The place is a work of love, created by one man.

2016-02-08 13.30.23

Every surface is covered with art.

2016-02-08 13.35.05.jpg

Read “Rainbow Grandpa’s” story

2016-02-08 13.35.54

Color therapy!

2016-02-08 13.40.07

My spirit animal

2016-02-08 14.02.27

We biked here from Taichung, just 8 km (5 miles).

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