Jeju Island, South Korea

Welcome! Airport traffic control is very stylish around here.

Made another visit to Jeju Island to see our beloved dolphins… I mean sis Tatiana and her Joe. Direct from Taiwan, it’s only a 2 hour flight north. The first time we visited these two was in November 2018 and it was deep tangerine season – every tree was dripping with orange gems. Now, six months later, it’s onion season! 

The first hour

Gee… just wanted a sniff of the lavender lemon pie and guess who shoves it in my face as only a sister could.
We can be nice too and we try to dress same-same.

Nailed it

The greatest dolphin show on earth – a 30 minute walk from their house. Location, location, location.

These are called Dutch Babies which take 45 minutes to make, which is code for drink more coffee. Worth the wait!
Jeju Doppelgänger
Just a tad windy and look at the gorgeous water!
The legs are all wrong says the Corgi art critic.

SPACE DUCK (aka Wind House)

The greatest thing discovered on this trip. You should definitely stay here if you visit because it’s on Airbnb.

What may be the most amazing 5 minute video ever created by an architect to showcase his work.

Ireland or Jeju?

And those baddass haenyeo (female divers) are out in this coldness, working. RESPECT.

Home Bodies

We stretched our legs a bit, but this was more of a loungy hang-out kind of trip. The weather was a bit overcast as you can see. Plus, Pickles was on the heels of a nasty bug that took him out the week before so we laid low. Joe and Pickles went to see the three hour (hello, Stadium Pal) Avenger movie. Tat and I watched Nailed It (funniest cooking show on tv), made pottery and cooked a delicious diner à la Smor Cart for all (hello, fried capers on salmon with mashed tators)!

All the pretty Jeju things
Pop-up living room pottery studio
Cozy cook-in night
Feral and fixed friends: Charlie Chaplin and Hillary in the white pant suit.
Adventure comes in small packages. Our New Zealand van trip inspired Joe to convert the “bread loaf” to a camper loaf.

Onion Land

Jeju does a lot of allium farming; onion, garlic and scallion and from what we can tell it’s all done by hand. Have yet to see any large scale farming equipment. Below is the view from their deck of onion fields and then the Yellow Sea. It’s a shame the view is so crappy, huh? Green-thumb Joe created a bunch of pretty garden ponds which he filled with water plants and fish. Gah! I miss gardening so much.

Porch succulents
Seen drying all over Jeju’s sidewalks

Toothpaste Smorgasbord

Toothpaste in Korea is WOW! We stocked up with (L to R): Bamboo Salt, Peach Mint, and Himalaya Pink Salt Ice Calming Mint. Don’t knock it ’till you try it.

Yes. I think?

The adventure on this trip was put towards eating. We dug deep for local and found some gems. Very little English is printed or spoken here so there’s a lot of pointing and nodding yes which summarizes our ethos of living abroad. To everything, say yes and smile.


Thanks for hosting us T & J. We already miss the pin-drop quiet nights, vegan cappuccino and daily dolphin show. Your mission is to stay at the Space Duck and report back.


Love, Pickles & Passionfruit



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3 thoughts on “Jeju Island, South Korea

  1. I do love Tat and Joe’s place, views and good cooking! Delicious and savory treats,
    The Amish also do a field that size by hand too. The guys at the meth lab up at the intersection want to meet that Duck making architect so they can add an addition to expand their trade in hallucinogenics. Take care. See you in Jeju

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