October Celebrations + Reunions

October! Remember that month? We hardly do, which is why we need to blog about it so we can remember it when we’re 103. Dear P&P Blog, We had a busy October. Lots of guests came to visit, including old Taichung neighbors, Allison, Kevin and their new baby Sidney! Al and Kev used to live here and were our welcome wagon when we arrived! We have lots of fond memories together, mostly sweating on hikes, biking in the hills, drinking Kevin’s International Man of Leisure homemade brew and starting new traditions like a weekly Fatty Liver Wednesday dinner where we roll the dice on a new (and not necessarily healthy) restaurant. Gotta feed that liver! That tradition lives on by the way. Their visit coincided with three birthdays: mine, Mark’s and Alex’s. Coincidence? I think not. Keeping up tradition, we all went out to feed our fatty livers.
Group birthday dinner with Alex (holding not his baby, Sidney), Michelle, Alison, Mark, Kevin, Me and Scott
Only in Taiwan
If it’s your birthday, you get a free fish.
Nina, me, Alex and Mark make a wish at our fav taproom, Taihu. Party planners, Michelle & Scott secured very tasty cakes!

Nina and I met at a dinner party a couple years ago, also born on 10/23. She’s an elementary school teacher from Belarus and has lived in Taiwan for over 10 years.

The October 23rd birthday gang. Alex’s is 10/22 so he got his own cameo.
Fine dining?

We also had a nice birthday dinner date night, which sounds easy, but it is not in Taichung. For starters most places do not serve alcohol (that’s just one thing that could be off). But don’t worry, the waiter told us 7-Eleven does which is right down the street so we picked up the very finest. We had a really nice meal which we recommended to Michelle and Alex. Before they could get there, it was closed. Places open and close faster than Eliud Kipchoge around here.

7-Eleven saves the dinner. I knew this guy was classy!
Sure was good to see old friends
As if they couldn’t get cuter… they did with Sid

Great biking weather
The leg show with Alex, Mike, Scott, Kevin and Mike
Sporting my new birthday present… a Taiwan bike kit!!!
Jazzy Music Park lounging
Taichung’s annual Int. Jazz Fest is a fav in October! Baby Sidney came prepared with her ear protection too.
And … we are starting to dress alike.

Pickles & Passionfruit

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