Bachelor in Taiwan

What does a guy do when he is alone in Taiwan for a month?  He must go seek out his own adventures!  Why was I alone?  My Passionfruit was at summer camp in the USA. Her story coming soon.

Shrimp Fishing!

Through out Taiwan you can find indoor pools stocked with shrimp.  Just grab a pole.  Put on the bait (baby shrimp).  Grab a beer.  Sit back while the shrimp come to you!  Once you have your catch, it’s dinner time.  You can do this whenever you want – these places are open 24/7!

Mark just relocated to Taiwan with Nike.  Welcome to Taichung! (behind) Bruce Lee looking on in envy.
Mike, the organizer of the evening, and the only real fisherman among us.
Nice Catch, Jade!
The gang and our catch freshly cooked.

Hiking Mt. Baimio

Mike, Ben and myself took a weekend trip to Guguan to hike. The 7 Heroes of Guguan are a collection of mountains 1 hour east of Taichung City. We were recommend the Mt. Baimio summit (1522 meters) for the views of the valley.

Down low the jungle is dense and there are ropes to aid the climb and decent.
View of the valley and other “heroes”
Climb to the top
Great view from the top.

Taihu Taproom 1-year annivasary

My favorite Taiwan brewery celebrated 1 year in Taichung.  I had to go help them celebrate!

Celebrating with some cake. Toto and Phoebe having fun behind the bar.
I finally met the Taihu brew master, Whinny. She is the reason I can get tasty beer made in Taiwan!


Why not?  The first thing you notice is that the locals hands (and subsequent finger holes) are noticeably smaller than ours.  Only the heavy balls fit our fat American fingers.

Mark showing off his skills.
Bowling team. Charlie was the big winner of the night.


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One thought on “Bachelor in Taiwan

  1. Ahhhh….sounds like you did quite a lot! Shrimp fishing, mountain trekking , beer tasting, bowling. Hummm…Passionfruit…well… she got off to a slow start back in the US of A. After the steer-roping contest she flew into DC to join several marches outside the White House. After that she grabbed her tool bag and single-handed built an entire house for a nice young couple from Habitat for Humanity. Not wanting to miss a minute’s fun in the good ole USA she took in Independence Hall, a Phillies Game, South Street Market, The Cheesecake Factory before having a little game time R&R at the local Dave and Busters. As soon as the sun sank below the horizon on the 4th of July she was driving down 95 for the fireworks at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Next day on her way out to BWI airport she thoughtfully remembered that she had promised an Amish farmer that she would milk his cows and bring in his hay crop— so she cancelled her flight and took a Greyhound out to Billings MT the next morning at 4 AM. Those cows sure will miss her gentle touch.

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