Fam, Friends & Corgi

After 15 months I was ready for a trip home to see familiar humans, my beloved corgi and consume decadent foods like taco bowls and pizza. Oh, and to surprise my dad for his birthday. Thanks to a stealthy recon with Wendy, he had no idea I was in the states.

Mission accomplished!
The surprise went down at the iconic Murray Bar with me sneaking up and saying, “Hey, can I get you a beer?”
I love a good surprise!
Wendy (my step-mom), volunteering at the food pantry/community kitchen. This woman can make bread – check out those bread guns!
Have Corgi will Hike
Aw, these moments…
Who’s hammier?
Beautiful Montana
Comfort Foods of Home

Made a wreath from foraged plants

Bike cruising to Neptune for sushi and beer
Therapeutic Hot Spring Soak
Open-air mineral hot spring pool, filled fresh everyday
Chico’s garden
Cruising for a Hike

Practicing van life (take note Heather & Chris)
Suitcase Love Nugget
I think someone missed me a little
PDX Belly Buster w/ Friends
The freshest faces in PDX took me to Güero. Delicioso! You can’t get this grub in Taiwan.
Nothing beats real face time with these feisty women!


That was a much needed heart-connecting and belly-filling trip! I’m just sorry I couldn’t see my other fluffy love nugget, Popstar in Nebraska.

Xiexie, lovies.


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