Brothers vs Monkeys

We’re Brothers fans!

How to jazz up a Tuesday night… for only $10.00 USD a seat.

The Brother Elephants home base is in Taichung, Lamigo Monkeys in Taoyuan. Both teams are professional baseball teams in the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan. CPBL has four teams that play in stadiums throughout Taiwan with an average attendance of approximately 6,000 per game.


Taiwan baseball has it all

Good friends

Left to right: Mary & Mike (Aussie and New Zealander), Johann (his wife Bianca traveling home in Germany), Ben (fellow Oregonian) and Mike in the back (fellow Pennsylvanian).

Live music

Cold beer
Taihu (Pickles’ favorite) brews an easy drinking beer for watching baseball
Dancing & chanting

Pickles just took our blog to 11 with a video!

Family + Kid Friendly
Smart graphics. Yes!

Kids picnicking
The wee kids took the stage when the “pro” cheerleaders took a break.  These kids worked hard all night. Ridiculously cute.
Kiss cam action!

And they didn’t pan us. 🙁

Park snacks

#1: Fresh watermelon juice

#2:  Duck burritos

#3:  Fresh Guava

#4:  Classic Taiwanese sausage


While all this was going on there was a baseball game going on which we sort of watched. The final score, Monkeys defeated the Elephants 13-6.

And that’s how we do baseball over here.


Pickles & Passionfruit

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