Guests: Jess & Scott

2017 = guest-a-palooza!

Our good buddies, Jessica and Scott also from Portland, and also on an overseas assignment (in South Korea) came for a visit. Her Scott and my Scott work together so thanks to a work meeting in the ‘chung we all got to hang out for a weekend. It was the bees knees to see these faces – nothing beats the original face time.

Rock ‘n roll sushi

Intense Mahjong-ing

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It
She can strum this baby!
Scott can shake the (silent) loofah like no one else.

Much needed girlfriend time

Jessica stick ‘n to her training schedule! You go girl.
Mani/pedis are super $$$ in South Korea so we got ourselves Spring ready, Taichung style.
Random massive Taiwanese mountain lemon.
You can’t get this kinda foot massage in South Korea.
Staying feisty, forever.

The Scottie Bike Nerds

Commuting to work, PDX bike style

Free hugs, day & night

This city constantly surprises and delights. This may be the best reason to visit Taichung, free hugs in the park (Corgi Park). I adore how Jess jumps right in for a double hug… she’s always radiating the good stuff.

And the free night hugs…

We’re hoping to bounce over to South Korea for a tour of their Busan ‘hood in the next couple months. I can’t speak for Pickles, but I need to experience jjimjilbang (the Korean public bathhouse spas) and if I can, rassle their cat, Pekoe. I have a lot of pent up pet rassling in me!

{ finger hearts }


Pickles & Passionfruit


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One thought on “Guests: Jess & Scott

  1. Aww, thanks for this post. We had a fabulous time with you and your Scotter. Real facetime is the best!! We enjoyed having leisurely brunches at your place, explore your ‘hood, finding gluten-free restaurant options (thank you both for being so accomodating) It was great fun learning how to play Mah-jong! Also to strum on your guitar and uke and sing Wilco together. I laughed seeing the pic of me getting jiggy with it in your cat slippers, haha…Sarracuda, my feisty friend, you are awesome! I appreciate the warmth and humor in your blog posts which come from the all the warmth humor and LOVE in your beautiful heart!

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