Kaoshiung Weekend

– By Pickles & Passionfruit

1.5 DAYS, 2 BEATER BIKES & 1000°

Thought it was time to explore Taiwan’s 2nd most populated city, Kaoshiung pronounced Gow-she-ong, Gāoxióng. It’s a 2 hour drive south, easy breezy which is what we could use more of because it was freaking hot outside.

We booked a room at the Kindness Hotel (which is a chain). Tossed our beater bikes and an overnight bag in the van and hit the road. We like to wing it on trips like this… just see where things take us. Which was straight to street dumplings and shaved mango ice at 高雄婆婆冰. Dumpling location. Mango Ice location.

Our hangry was smothered!
I am a chopstick ninja!
Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved Ice
Gao Xiong Po Po shave mango & mixed fruit ice
We biked around, very slowly because it was 1,000 degrees

That is only a slight exaggeration. We pedaled over to the Pier 2 Art Center. This was once an abandoned warehouse zone along the harbour, which has since been revitalized by artists. It’s a great area to lollygag by bike or foot.

2016-07-16 15.51.08
This choo choo is surprisingly a big attraction
Trash bots! These are not the first trash that have been "cute-ified".
Trash bots! These are not the first trash cans we’ve seen that have been “cute-ified”.
Upside down house, for reals!
Upside down house, for reals!
2016-07-16 18.00.38
Anatomy is important.
2016-07-16 17.32.45
My Pier 2 Art Center album cover
2016-07-16 17.37.22
Here’s Pickles on his jiǎo tà chē
In Mandarin, jiǎo chē literally translates to “feet step vehicle”… A bicycle!
2016-07-16 17.46.37
Look cool… look cool…

2016-07-16 17.32.57 2016-07-16 17.42.05 

Day 2

Oh, please don’t be as hot as day 1… and it was. We grabbed our sunbrella and hopped on our beater bikes again. We got the 411 from the bartender at Bottoms Up Saloon, that Lotus Lake was the place to check out, so that’s where we went.

THE BARTENDER WAS SPOT ON and her margarita was quite good

Lotus Lake is a small, but mighty lake. It’s ringed with a bike path and stunningly colorful temples and pagodas. There are even water sports like wake boarding and Blob X to cool your jets.

 2016-07-17 10.42.10

2016-07-17 10.16.48

2016-07-17 10.23.26

2016-07-17 10.24.45
I think we should win a steamed bun for finding the dragon that’s featured our Rough Guide to Taiwan book.
Did I mention how hot is was?
2016-07-17 11.11.36
This guy and his dog have the right idea
2016-07-17 10.22.18
Forget a boat. You can rent a wake board at Wakey Wakey Lakeview and get tugged around by a robot. Disclaimer: Wakey Wakey is also a cafe and made the worst mango “smoothie” in the world as in there was no mango in it. The sandwich was ok though.
We are so doing this on our next trip…
2016-07-17 11.30.53
Blob X


2016-07-17 10.50.09 2016-07-17 10.55.26

2016-07-17 11.01.01
Can you guess why it’s called Lotus Lake?

2016-07-17 11.03.09

2016-07-17 11.13.33


At this point we need some AC so we head to the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. It’s an impressive 4 story collection of mostly modern Taiwanese paintings, calligraphy and sculptures. Open Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30am to 5:30pm (closed on Mondays) and free admission.

2016-07-17 13.53.45 2016-07-17 14.13.35

We wrap up this tour with noodles at King’s Uen-Jou Wonton 金溫州餛飩大王.

We figure any place in an alley with a long line is bound to be delicious. It did not disappoint.

2016-07-16 18.39.39

That’s a wrap on Kaohsiung in 1.5 days

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