We own a sunbrella. We’re officially Taiwanese.

We thought it was summer when we arrived 6 months ago in January. The tell tale sign that it was not summer, and it was obviously winter, is seeing the locals sport big puffy coats and gloves. It was, after all, between 55-70°F. Clearly we were and still are sporting our thick Pacific Northwest blood.

Let’s fast forward to now, June. The sun rises at 5:12 am and it’s pushing 80° F. The sun sets at 6:49 pm and it’s still holding steady at 80°F. Somewhere in between it feels like 105°. Why? Something called humidity. Just add about 10-15° to the daily temp to get the “feels like” temp. Yep,  it “feels” hot.

We’re not complaining, we’re just letting you know that we sweat a lot. And we carry a sunbrella. And you should not visit us between June and August, unless you like to sweat a lot.

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